Business Advertising

Some good reasons to advertise your business on the Nesscliffe Community Website

Reach the local community

The website is designed to attract those who live in the local community. The aim is to reach as many of the local population as possible by promoting local events, sharing news, advertising local businesses and providing a place for people to air their views.

Business efficiency

The community website will help you to reach your local community. If you can do more business locally then your costs will be less, and if your customers like what you do then they will tell others.

Help the local community

Some of the profits from business advertising will be fed back into the community, through donations to community projects, and by offering financial assistance to community groups, especially those who care for our young people.

And right now it's free

Yes you can advertise your business for free at the moment. We want visitors to the site to see that local businesses are using it but we don't feel we can charge for advertising until we reach a critical mass of visitors. So if you sign up now you won't just be promoting your business for free but you will be helping to make the website more attractive to visitors and to other businesses.

Business Advertising - Apply now

If you are interested in advertising your business on the Nesscliffe Community Website then please complete and submit this form

Enter a strapline that describes your business - this will be used on the adverts on this community website. Simplicity is vital, avoid words that your customers may not understand, and avoid long sentences. Try to describe your business in 10 words or less!
Please enter the username you would like to use on the comunity website. An account will be created for you so that you can amend your business details at a later stage