Newts on Nesscliffe Hill

The first community newt surveys took place over the weekends 28th/29th March and 4th/5th April. We have common and great crested newts in hill pond and in the cliffe pond... thanks to the helpers, more volunteers welcome, just ask me about dates/times.. Tris Pearce 07811 113250

Local Wildlife Rescue has New website

Shropshire Wildlife Rescue

Shropshire Wildlife Rescue in Nessccliffe has been set up by Charlie and Tris Pearce to offer rehabilitation to injured wildlife, of any species.

Volunteering in the great outdoors

If you fancy volunteering on one of the wildlife reserves owned by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust then there are plenty of opportunities. It is a great way to meet people, to have fun and to make a difference. Check out the full list here

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